Weekly Status Update (1-13-19)

Current Demo Word Count- ~24K/ Demo Word Count Goal- 25K- 30K

Current Status: The demo will include 11 scenes.

  • The Wanted Poster – Character Creator
  • Rescue the Ambassador!
  • Captured by Bounty Hunters
  • The Academy – The Benefactor
  • The Academy- Sometime Later
  • Dream #1 An Old Foe/An Old Friend
  • The Journey Begins
  • The Tavern
  • The Trial- Arrival
  • The Trial- Prep
  • Dream #2 A sky full of waves/ A sea full of stars

2/11 scenes completed. 7/11 scenes almost complete- need revising. 2/11 scenes need to be written. Prologue variables are complete.

Goal: All scenes written by 1/20. Revisions and beta testing done by 1/27. Demo release 2/1

yellow flower near pillars
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
  • Decorative skulls that go “ooOOOh.”
  • All romanceable characters will appear in the demo
  • Customize your scoundrel:
    • Select a name, a past alias, and a current alias
    • Choose from human, elf, orc, half-orc, half-elf, Plithodonion (Amphibious swampfolk that get a little bioluminescent when nervous) or Kovian (mountain-living folks with goat eyes and horns)
    • Choose gender and orientation
  • Create a backstory:
    • A former member of the militia with a passion for interpretative dance
    • A shadowsweeper from the forests of Lemente who was raised by shadowbeasts
    • A humble adventurer with a burning hatred for bards
    • A former thief with a knack for prophetic visions
    • A knight who was banished after failing to protect their kingdom
    • A dungeon grinder who always wanted a shot at being a mighty hero