The planned sequel to “brindle” (very idealistic of me to plan a sequel for a story that I may never finish ohohoho)

Cev: Shanzelkirn. Cev can’t remember a thing, but there’s probably a good reason why the Ervenkind put their soul in astral time-out. Their only clue is that the word “betrayer” was scrawled in the stone above where their body rested in an old crypt (for years and years and years).

Breedle/PC: Why be the protagonist of one game when you can star in two games?

Kasimir/Kasima: Kovian. Cev’s treacherous advisor. Just a stuck-up fiend looking for the perfect nemesis.


Other Characters:

Queen Carmine and her top knight Avers

Weird Moth Guy Deity

Two Eccentric Rangers with lizard pets

A Space Outlaw

A Creepy Lady with Flowers