Still Kicking

After being sick for a couple of weeks and switching into “gotta mentally prepare to cover all of my coworker’s work on top of my work for 2-3 weeks” mode, I didn’t have any creative energy left at the end of the day.

Here’s a small bit of a f!Cav scene.

Ehud Neuhaus, Unsplashed

I already knew from experience that I could crush Cavrielle in battle without breaking a sweat. There was really no need to size up the competition. Yet, I found myself drawn to the airy sound of cheerful humming echoing through the halls.

Maybe it was curiosity. The silly knight wouldn’t be able to remember my face or voice, all thanks to Lachi’s skill in enchantment. But she was so optimistic! I was starting to believe that she couldn’t remember the humiliation of being defeated by me, the infamous Breedle the Crusher. Surely I had left a small blemish on her sunny disposition. Maybe if she opened up to her new pal Brindle, I would be able to uncover it.

Or maybe it was annoyance. After all, tricking her was the final scam I ran with Lachi. Before Lachi left…before…she betrayed me. There was no way I could accept that Cavrielle could be unscathed. Not if I wasn’t. Not after what I’d been through. There is no way that I’d be that easily forgotten.

Either way, I found Cavrielle poking around in the pantry. I leaned against the door frame, silently observing her. The knight’s face was scrunched up deep in thought as she compared the labels of two bottles of spices. Her intense contemplation didn’t seem to interfere with her humming, her fluffy orange hair bouncing as she bobbed her head a bit to the beat.

A jar of preserved peppers caught her eye.  Evidently proud of her discovery, her humming grew brighter as she returned the bottles of spices back to the shelf and reached for the jar.

I cleared my throat.


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