The Trial- Guide

I’ve been sick for a week 😦

The last scene in the demo will involve the PC preparing for the trial, which is a friendly competition to prove that they are worthy of being the Mark of Jorino. During the trial, the PC will have to face both Cavriel/Cavrielle (the Other Chosen One) and Jarich/Jarrah (the Dark Rituals Inspector) in the arena to test their combat skills.

You will have a chance to train with two characters to prep for the trial. Depending on your background you may unlock a special scene:

The Ex-Militia Dancer: Engage in a dance-off with Jarich/Jarrah.

The Shadowsweeper: Marls has a special edgy present for you.

The Exiled Knight: Suna/Solaris teaches you about dangerous plants (aka which plants to grind up and blow into the eyes of your opponent)

The Grinder: Elith/Elodie teaches you some warped offensive spells

The Bardspawn: Cav baked you cookies?

The Seer: Cav’s enchanted dagger wants to be your new best friend.

Each character has a regular scene too:

Jarich/Jarrah: Combat training

Marls: Runes

Suna/Solaris: Weight training/punching trees

Elith/Elodie: Psychological warfare

Cav: Friendship!

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