Character Intros: The Con Artist

Old Character Sprite Art

Name: You decide! (Default Name: Breandril)

Alias: You decide! (Default Name: Breedle the Crusher)

Physical Description: Also up to you! You can be a human (default), an elf (or half-elf), an orc (or half-orc), Kovian (goat people with horns who typically live in mountainous regions and draw their power from the stars), Plithodonian (slick looking partially amphibious people), or an Ophius (you may be part dragon but you’re not quite sure). You also get to select your gender, sexual orientation, and certain physical descriptors (general height, hair length, hair color etc.).

Personality: Also up to you to help shape.

Character Inspo Spotify Playlist

Some Backstory:

  • You are an exile who is currently taking it sleazy in the thrilling country of Hervos.
  • Your parents were rulers of a small province. You are considered cursed because you were born under a constellation of mega bad omen stars.  
  • Your parents hired a Kovian adviser by the name of Kasimir/Kasima to help break the curse. The adviser had other motives and was successful in running your parents out of town. Turns out your aunt had been reading “Becoming a Despot -For Dummies” and wants control of the province.
  • But you end up humiliating Kasimir/Kasima in front of a powerful tribunal of monks who were convinced that you had magical powers linked to your curse and you are both exiled.
  • You become a low level “grinder” to make ends meet. Let’s face it. Rich people love adventure but hate actually breaking a sweat. So grinders are hired to comb through ruins, set off the traps, and fight the giant spiders so their clients can swoop in and take the treasure.
    • In an old ruin of a tower, you accidentally stumble upon a sleeping demi-god/goddess and wake them from their slumber. 
    • They become your lackey known as “Lachi.”  The two of you become grifters and pull all kinds of cons and nonsense.
    • Lachi makes you BFF gauntlets that mask your identities.  Wanted posters start popping up but thanks to these gauntlets no one actually remembers what you or Lachi look like.
    • And then Lachi betrays you and you are captured by two famous bounty hunters named Marls Niistiel and Veerbis. Turns out you have a benefactor at the ritzy Rollis-Maven Academy who paid them a lot of coin to track you down.

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