Character Intros: The Bounty Hunter

Old Character Art

Name: Marlowe (M)/Marlena (F)

Alias: Marls

Race: Elven

Physical Description:  Marls is relatively short (about 5’4) with pointed ears, orange eyes, and wavy reddish hair. Although Marls is a beloved celebrity in Hervos, they like to keep a low profile. After all, it’s quite difficult to sneak up and apprehend a bad guy if you’re surrounded by cheering fans. Marls prefers practical lowkey clothing but likes to add their own artistic touch (like a floral headband). Probably the strongest character in the group (all thanks to a century of hardcore bounty hunter training).

Personality: As the most famous bounty hunter and top magical scholar (focusing on forgotten languages), Marls is a very busy person. They like to unwind with their latest artistic endeavor (which is currently oil pastels). Sometimes they like to drag her bounty hunter partner Veerbis to the theatre. Very friendly and laid back with a great sense of humor. Can conjure really scary looking daggers. Definitely one of the most marvelous people you could ever hope to meet (unless your face found its way onto some “Wanted” posters somehow).

Character Inspo Spotify Playlist

Likes: Working out tricky conjugations in “dead” languages, arboreal geckos, jokes that end up being really bad puns, a good sunrise, having a great confidante like Veerbis, puppies, the smell of the forest after a good rain.

Dislikes: A certain ex-friend who betrayed them, selfish people who use or hurt other people, bandits, sometimes Elith/Elodie can be annoying.

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