Character Intros: The Best Friend

Capture suna
Old Character Art

Name: Solaris (M)/ Suna (F)

Role: The Academy Brat, Best Friend

Race: Half-orc

Physical Description: Tall and muscular with long curly blond hair, S is an absolute ray of sunshine. Has greenish skin, pointed ears, and tusks, which are typical for most half-orcs (and also those suffering from Siren’s Scurvy but that’s not applicable here). Proudly wears their Rollis-Maven Academy issued armor and cape.

Personality: As the child of the academy’s herbalist and lead fighting instructor, S really enjoys digging through thickets looking for rare plants and punching things. They are very excitable and always full of energy and cheerful optimism. S is also painfully aware that they are a bit sheltered and are hoping that the Ritual will be their chance to learn about the world outside of the academy. Definitely a hugger.

Character Inspo Spotify Playlist

Likes: S has only known the PC for a few months but already considers them their best friend, MOM AND DAD, that feeling when you lift an entire fallen tree with one hand and find something cool like a salamander or a weird looking rock underneath, POISONOUS PLANTS, other plants, but mainly poisonous plants, cooking (but not with poisonous plants, right?), getting good grades.

Dislikes: The thought that they may be following a bit too closely in their parents’ footsteps, when it is windy AND rainy at the same time, sometimes Elith/Elodie can be a little mean if you accidentally wake them up during one of their six daily naps, people who take advantage or antagonize other people, these weird dreams that S keeps having that is just a disembodied voice saying mean things about the PC and accusing the PC of being a criminal (no more cider before bed perhaps?).

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