Character Intros: The Lackey

Old Character Art

Name: ??? (M)/ ??? (F)

Alias: Lachi, The Lackey

Race: ???

Physical Description: Lachi may look like an elf at a passing glance but they are something much older and more fearsome. You can’t tell if their pallid complexion and long faded pink hair result from their nap that lasted for decades. but you know better not to ask. Lachi is very tall and prefers to drape themselves in huge cloaks or robes with dramatic accents such as feathers or spikes.

Personality: Lachi isn’t familiar with current mortal fads (like blinking) so they tend to stick out like a very tall sore thumb. They are haughty and vicious and thrive on dramatic monologuing and perfecting their maniacal laughter. They are also very organized and can’t participate in any bamboozling unless they have three different contingency plans (much to the PC’s chagrin). Has very powerful sorcery and wants you to know it.

Character Inspo Spotify Playlist

Likes: Scams, striking fear in the hearts of those who dare oppose them, the PC, graphs and charts (visual organization tools!), flashy displays of magic.

Dislikes: When the PC insists on pulling scams in the sewers because it’s gross, the acoustics aren’t right for proper frenzied laughter, and the rats chew on their fancy robes. The unavoidable long con (it’s the PC’s own fault that they didn’t see this inevitable betrayal coming from a mile away).

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